Santa is a ‘shroom. And the reindeer are all tripping.

Santa holding amanita muscaria

Warning: This content is NSFC (Not Safe For Children…or possibly Christians).

I don’t want to offend anyone, but I just heard about this on Joe Rogan’s podcast. It blew my mind and I had to share. Here it goes. . .

The Arctic and Subarctic areas (otherwise known as The North Pole) are where reindeer live.  Reindeer just happen to love snacking on these yummy, hallucinogenic, red and white mushrooms, called Amanita muscaria.

The mushrooms have religious significance in Siberian Shamanistic culture. When people take these mushrooms, one of the hallucinogenic effects is sensations and visions of flying. Flying reindeer.

This BBC video explains the reindeer-mushroom connection.

Adding to the story, Amanita muscaria just so happens to have a symbiotic relationship with pine trees. Christmas Trees! The mushrooms pop up underneath the trees like bright little gifts.

Amanita Muscaria "gifts" under a pine tree (Christmas tree)

Amanita muscaria “gifts” under a pine tree (Christmas tree)

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