My first paid blogging job…yay!

My posts on Cafe Mom

A couple of my posts on Café Mom

Someone’s paying me to do this y‘all! Well, not this exactly, but Café Mom has hired me to post a blog every day in their Florida Moms group. This is my second week of writing for them and I love it.

I can barely begin to express how awesome it feels to be paid to do something that brings me so much joy on it’s own. To receive that vote of confidence that my writing is worth something to someone else is the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake.

It’s been a long search for me to find what I feel like I’m “supposed to be doing”. I’ve always been a late bloomer, so it’s really no surprise that figuring out what makes me tick career-wise has taken until my (very) late 30’s.

And–doesn’t it often happen this way?–it took some painful experiences for me to figure it out. I had a bad divorce that left me guilt-ridden and angry and seriously drinking too much. Writing about it all seemed to me the best way to purge the negative emotions. It worked. Continue reading

Big Time [Hearing Loss] Rush, a concert

Guy plugging his ears at concert

This poor guy is rueing the day he bought these tickets.

I took my daughter to see her first concert last night, the band was Big Time Rush. For those of you who have not had the pleasure of acquainting yourself with them (or are pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about) they are a boy band and they have a show on Nickelodeon.

The hearing loss I mention in the title is not from the band, the concert itself was an average loudness. No–it was the legions of squealing girls that made my eardrums bleed.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the obscenely high-pitched decibel level that girls could produce. It was a sound so painful that it induced gleeful visions of turning around in my seat and punching 13-year olds in the throat.

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I am 20 years past high school? How did that happen?!?

20 year reunion PHS

Class of 1992, Plant High School, Tampa, FL

Joooooooy (C’mon, c’mon, here we go)…and pain. (pump, pump, pump, pump it up).  Sunshi-ii-iine …and rain.” (Keep it goin’, keep it goin’ now)

The sweet rhymes of Rob Base (above), Bell Biv Devoe, and Sir Mix-A-Lot pumped from the hotel conference room while a smattering of almost-40-year-olds laughed at the hot jams from our high school days and attempted to “bust a move” in our cocktail attire.

Dancing at the 20-year reunion

Busting moves (sort of)

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is your 20-year high school reunion.

“So what are you doing these days?” echoed around the room all night long. Thanks to Facebook most of us had at least the general outline of each other’s lives, but a couple of my girlfriends and I thought it might be a good idea to add bullet points to our name tags to avoid having to explain some of the details over and over again. Such as, “Divorced.” “No kids.”  “Happy about it.” Or, in my case, “I’ve had every job there is, but now I write.”

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