The last of our generation of West spawn has been born!

My new nephew’s name is Maxwell Matthew Bray. Right now he kind of looks like a puffy, red, smooshed-up burrito and I haven’t seen his eyes open yet but I can still tell that he’s going to be a cute one! If his brother and sister are any indication, he’s going to be doing just fine in the looks department.

Maxwell Matthew Bray Born April 30, 2013

Maxwell Matthew Bray
Born April 30, 2013

The last week-and-a-half have been fun family time as we’ve all been chipping in a little to help out with the other two kids in anticipation of his birth. My sister had one false-alarm trip to the hospital last week in which we excitedly gathered and babysat and then Susie and Matt got sent home after a couple of hours. I can’t imagine how disappointing that was!

By the end of my pregnancy I was so ready to have Callie that I was downright ornery. The night I went into labor I yelled at my brother for some offense that I can’t even remember now and cursed my sister-in-law’s name because she had dared to offer her opinion that I wouldn’t have the baby for two more weeks. So I would have pitied the unlucky nurse who tried to turn me away at the hospital.

I’ve loved the chance to spend more time with my niece and nephew while their parents have been at the hospital with the new baby. Maisy, the 3-year old, impressed me greatly when I asked her if she was hoping for a a sister or brother (they didn’t find out the sex until his birth). She said–in her adorable pipsqueak lispy voice–”I don’t care if it is a brother or a sister. Walker and I are going to teach the baby everything!

Having already gone through this whole bringing-the-new-baby-home-from-the-hospital thing once before, Walker, the oldest child at a mature 5 years old, seemed a little more dubious about the idea of yet another child to share mom and dad’s attention with. I think his face in the photo below says it all. HA!

The Bray family. Walker's not impressed.

The Bray family. Walker’s not impressed.

But seriously, he will be a great big brother to Max just like he is to Maisy.

Happy siblings

Happy siblings

I had a sympathetic middle-child pang for Maisy in the hospital when everyone was taking turns looking at and holding Max. She was desperately waving her arms and screaming, “Daddy, look at me! Look at me!” Her dad did pay attention to her, by the way. Have no fear, little Maisy will not be ignored. Still, I had to suppress a laugh when she suggested several times to my sister, “Put it back in the crib now Mom, it needs to go back to bed.” Ahhh, sweet sibling rivalry. 😉

Maisy and baby Max

Maisy and baby Max

And so, the last of our generation of West/Bray/Tipton children has been birthed. With the addition of little Maxwell we now have six kids between my brother and sister and I who will get to grow up with each other and leave their mark on the world. Lucky them and lucky us! Life is good.

Welcome to the world Max, I can’t wait to get to know you.

Max and a proud Aunt Fifi (that's my aunt name, it was easier to say than Stephanie)

Max and a proud Aunt Fifi (that’s my aunt name, it was easier to say than Stephanie)



3 thoughts on “The last of our generation of West spawn has been born!

  1. Another winner in the writing department, Aunt Fifi – You described for us, so well, the joy – and the stress – of the addition of a new baby to the varied Families groups. The cherry on the top of this story is the photo of the author (showing a little of the stress and fatigue I mentioned) with her face radiant with love and beauty……………..

  2. So glad to see you all doing so well! All the kids are adorable and look just like their parents! Hope you all are good!

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