Indoor rock climbing and some other stuff

Climbing the walls at Vertical Ventures

Climbing the walls at Vertical Ventures

I am a lover of all things Groupon and Living Social, so when I saw a Living Social deal for an introductory indoor rock climbing class for two for just $25, I convinced Jeb that we simply had to try it. I didn’t have to twist his arm too much.

We went on Sunday and it was good, clean, fun. I was the first one to climb up the wall and did have a moment just before I reached the top when my fear of heights took over and I got frozen in place. But the instructor said, “C’mon, you’re like six inches away from the top.” So, duly shamed, I ovaried-up and completed the climb.

After that, the fear of heights kind of just got shoved to the side while I concentrated on finding places that I could grip onto well enough to pull myself higher. It was challenging, but I didn’t sweat, which caused me to declare with false confidence that I would probably still go on a walk in the afternoon because it wasn’t that much of a workout. Smash cut to me 30 minutes later with aching arms and passed out in the car on the ride home. 

Climbing a boulder

Climbing a boulder. It’s harder than it looks.

There was also one tense moment when I was in charge of belaying Jeb, that means letting out the rope so he could rappel back to the ground. The lever got stuck for a second (most likely operator error) so I yanked on it and it sent him plummeting down from the top of the wall. Thankfully I caught it before he hit the ground, but the sudden stop hurt his nether regions where the harness was cradling his “swimsuit area”. Oops.

I apologized profusely but I still feel really bad about it. Unfortunately, I have this weird inappropriate laughter response that makes me laugh at things that aren’t funny–like when I’ve just inadvertently given someone a flying groin wedgie–which tends to make my apologies sound somewhat insincere.

Jeb free climbing on a "boulder"

Moving pretty well for a guy who just sustained a groin injury

In related news, I am now the Tampa Adventure Travel writer for I’m very excited about this because it combines two loves, writing and doing fun stuff, and will motivate me to try new things so I have lots of adventures to write about. If you have any ideas for adventures I can have and write about in Florida, please let me know. I’m open to anything (Okay, I’m not open to alligator wrestling or anything involving close contact with snakes or spiders . . . or roaches. You get the gist).

Anyway, my first article for is a review of the experience at Vertical Ventures and the link to my article is here. Please check it out (it is different from this post) and follow my stories over there.

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Jeb is Boulder Man

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